How It Works?

Almost every country has installed meteorologic equipment called “weather radar”, “rain radar”, or “Doppler radar.” It scans the sky and allocates precipitation particles, determining their size and velocity. That magic equipment can easily track even severe weather conditions such as tornado or hail. RainViewer receives that data from a variety of weather radar data sources and creates one large and highly accurate precipitation map for the covered areas. This technology allows us to build outstanding products on top of that information, such as severe weather alerts, rain forecast map, storm pathways, etc.

Using the RainViewer API

Using the RainViewer API involves a few steps, and typically requires registration to obtain an API key. Here's a general guide:

  • Register and Obtain API Key:
  • Include API Key in Requests:

    You can check the documentation or examples provided by RainViewer at to learn more about sample requests and using the API key in your operations.

    Using the MapTiler Cloud API

    API reference for the MapTiler Cloud services.
    The MapTiler Cloud API allows you to programmatically access all the data, maps, and resources in the MapTiler Cloud.
    Through the API, you can add a map directly to your website, request map tiles, create an image with a location map for your business, search for addresses, and more.
    You need an API key to use the services. Your MapTiler account access key is on your MapTiler Cloud account page or
    Get your FREE API key in the MapTiler Cloud.